Oztag Australia


- Digital Design & UX
- Responsive Development
- Custom CMS Integration (SilverStripe)
- Multi-site management
- Registration platform
- Data management & reporting tools
- Automated results, draws & ladders
- Payment gateway



Oztag Australia gave us the task of rebuilding their main website, association websites (for 150+ areas that play Oztag) and registration platform (which was traditionally a paper-based system).

We worked closely with the Oztag management team to define the appropriate systems and tools to rebuild their processes into an online format. 

We created a 3 phased approach which began with the design and development of a new main website for Oztag Australia. We then created a custom SilverStripe multi-site tool and global template for each of the individual Oztag Associations / areas so that with the click of a single button, an admin user could create a localised website and assign an admin user to manage content. This allowed all of the 150+ Oztag associations to effectively have their own website with a global style guide that reflected the updated Oztag Australia main site. The final part of the project was to create a full registration and team management platform for users and admins alike. We created a tool where users could register, invite their friends and pay online for Oztag competitions. We also included real-time availability information and the ability to create a waiting list if the competition was full.