- Responsive UI Development
- Backend integration with SilverStripe CMS
- "Build your own page" content blocks for easy editing
- Front end interaction development
- Interactive map
- Interactive timeline
- User moderation
- Project management

sustainabilityreport screens


For this project, we worked with Red Engine and Walter Wakefield to create the new Landcom 2018 Annual Sustainability Report site.We were tasked to create a flexible, visually appealing and re-usable content managed platform for the Landcom team to showcase their yearly sustainability results.

To create cost and time efficiencies for future reports, we opted for a SilverStripe backend with the elemental blocks modules. We created a drag and drop backend interface with a "build your own page" style editor so content editors could easily create, rearrange and publish appropriate content (including interactive maps and timelines) with a large amount of flexibility. We used this backend structure to create a custom theme - retina, mobile and speed optimised with various interactions to create a smooth user experience.

The project was a great success and well received by the client and internal stakeholders. Using a semi-agile project management approach, we were able to kick goals and achieve a tight timeline.