Landcom Builders Portal


- Digital development
- SilverStripe CMS integration
- Ability to tag PDF documents by lot number
- Custom registration process including temporary password
- Salesforce integration
- Custom PDF watermarking (date stamps)

builder portal screens


The Landcom Builders Portal was a first of its kind.... a portal where users could download resources and documentation specifically related to the lot number of land.

Built in SilverStripe 4, the builder portal has a custom sign up process which is integrated with Salesforce. Once a user is approved, they receive a temporary password (which they reset once they login) and they can view the documentation on the site.

The user experience of the site is simple... type in your lot number and get all the relevant government documentation about your lot. We also built a timestamp functionality so that when a PDF is downloaded, we can stamp it with the download time to reduce the risk of users sharing around out of date documents.

The project was a huge success and well received internally and externally at Landcom.