Amway PVP


- Prototyping, UX, UI Design & Digital Design
- Responsive development
- Custom SilverStripe integration

- Custom server infrastructure set up (AWS)
- Online video builder with After Effects rendering engine
- Ability for users to upload and crop images
- Ability for users to customise text in their video 
- Videos automatically uploaded to YouTube
- Data & Event tracking



Amway wanted to push the limits of technology and video so we designed and built a personalised video platform.

Essentially, we created a custom server infrastructure using Amazon Web Services, installed Adobe After Effects on the server and created a platform that allowed the user to upload and place their own photos into a professionally shot and edited After Effects file. On submission, we used cron jobs to crunch the photos, place them in the AE file, render out a custom video and send the user a link to their video on Youtube.

We also created additional functionality such as cropping and editing photos, video previews, and we optimised the queuing and processing of files to reduce server load.